Top 7 Beaches in and around Melbourne, Australia

Beaches in Melbourne

Aussies will fight you on which city is the best, is it Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane? All of these cities have something magnificent about them, but Melbourne always stood out to me. Between its festivals and markets to beaches and gorgeous parks, it’s no wonder it was deemed the best place to live at one point. My partner and I have lived in couple of neighbourhoods in Melbourne, from the up and coming Balaclava, to the core of it’s CBD, then to the hipster village of Brunswick, there’s something unique about it all.  We constantly were looking for beaches in the spring and summer that we could get to by public transport, throughout the seasons we found some true hidden gems.  Some beaches in Melbourne were popular with restaurants and boardwalks and other’s were secluded and dreamy. Whether you are looking for a romantic sunset with your partner, a picnic with friends, or to take a dip alone, the beaches in Melbourne are the best place to be in the summer. 

Below you can find our pick of the top 7 beaches in and around Melbourne all accessible by public transport: 

1.)Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is always going to be a must-see, from the water being clear, the soft sand and its little Beach Boxes that line the shorefront.  If you are looking for a picture perfect moment this is it, as each beach box has its own unique design.  

How to get here from Flinders St. Station: Take the Sandringham line to Brighton Beach Station (about 20 minutes), and the walk to the Beach Boxes is only about 500 meters. 

Beaches to Visit in Melbourne

2.)Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Bay is unique and is not exactly a tourist trap. Every time we came here we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. It’s called Half moon for a reason as the beach forms a natural curvature with its gorgeous rock formation. We definitely recommend waiting around until sunset, the sun will light up the rocks different colors as it passes over the horizon. 

How to get here from Flinders St. Station: Take the Sandringham line to the last stop, Sandringham Station. Once you come out of the station walk straight towards the water for about 10 minutes. 

Beaches in Melbourne Australia

3.)St. Kilda Beach

St. Kilda Beach is the most popular and well known beach in all of Melbourne. It’s famous for it’s restaurants, bars, boardwalk, and of course Luna Park.  It is definitely a place to be with friends, as it gets pretty busy here, and can be a good time to transition after you get dinner and drinks. St. Kilda Beach also has a killer sunset, that we definitely recommend you watch at least once! P.S at night you can walk out to the St. Kilda Pier and see the Penguins come out to the rocks!

How to get here from Flinders St. Station:  There is quite a few ways you can go but the quickest is to take the Sandringham line to Balaclava Station, than switch to the 16 tram towards Kew to the last station: Luna Park/Esplanade. 

Beaches in Melbourne Australia

4.)Williamstown Beach

Williamstown Beach is often overlooked, however it’s gorgeous and never too busy.  The water is typically calm and clear and there are a few resturants, and normally an icecream truck parked right outside the beach. The town of Williamstown is also extremely charming, so we suggest you check it out as well!

How to get here from Flinders St. Station: Take the Williamstown train down to Williamstown Beach Station (about 25 minutes), walk south towards the water for about 10 minutes.


Beaches in Melbourne Australia

5.)Port Melbourne Beach 

Known for its departing Spirit of Tasmania Cruises, Port Melbourne Beach is a great beach to lay on and take in the views. There is also great restaurants and bars that line the beach along with a beautiful marina to walk around. 

How to get here from Flinders St. Station:  Take the 1 Tram (East Coburg) from Federation Square/Swanston St, get off at the station Beaconsfield PDE/ Victoria Ave (15 minute journey). Walk only about 5 minutes southerner’s east and your at the beach!

Beaches in Melbourne Australia

6.)Elwood Beach  

Elwood Beach is known as a quaint family beach. Many people cycle or walk along the boardwalk and it’s the perfect place for a romantic beach picnic, or vollyball out with friends. As St. Kilda is typically packed, this is the place to go if you are looking for a bit of peace and quite and it’s only a short distance away.

How to get here from Flinders St. Station: Take the Sandringham line down to Elsternwick station (about a 15 minute journey). Once you get off the train head west on Glen Huntly Road until you reach the water!

7.)Eastern Beach, Geelong

Geelong is a bit further away from Melbourne but it’s definitely worth a visit. You can make it a day trip, to stop in their great shops, restaurants and bars, and also of course the very nice Eastern beach with cute little figurines.  You can visit the famous Geelong Waterfront Promenade, where there is an enclosed natural public swimming pool and boardwalk. There are a number of attractions, and we suggest you spend a day or weekend here!

How to get here from Southern Cross Station: Take the V-Line train towards Waurn Ponds and get off at Geelong Station (1 hour away)- you can buy a ticket with your Myki Card it will cost about $14 dollars one way.

Best Beaches in Melbourne Australia

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