7 Tips for Moving to Toronto

Toronto aka the six, is a thriving Canadian city filled with art, culture, and great food, oh and Drake! My Partner and I decided to move here after living in Australia for the year, and we were surprised by how easy the process was. Whether your Australian, a U.K Citizen, or American and under 35Continue reading “7 Tips for Moving to Toronto”

Top 7 Beaches on the East Coast of Australia

We all know what Australia is known for, it’s jaw dropping beaches! Which ones are the best is really the question! With thousands of kilometres of shoreline it’s a hard task to figure it which are the top beaches, afterall every single bit of the coastline is stunning. Theres nothing like the beaches in Australia,Continue reading “Top 7 Beaches on the East Coast of Australia”

7 Tips for Moving to Melbourne, Australia

Moving to Melbourne was one of the biggest milestones of my life. I always thought “yeah maybe next year,” because truthfully I was worried about taking the big dive “down unda.” We always dream about destinations and big moves, but it just takes that first step and all of your dreams could come true. According toContinue reading “7 Tips for Moving to Melbourne, Australia”

Top 7 Beaches in and around Melbourne, Australia

We constantly were looking for beaches in the spring and summer that we could get to by public transport, throughout the seasons we found some true hidden gems. Some beaches in Melbourne were popular with restaurants and boardwalks and other’s were secluded and dreamy. Whether you are looking for a romantic sunset with your partner, a picnic with friends, or to take a dip alone, the beaches in Melbourne are the best place to be in the summer.

7 Tips for Exploring Queenstown, New Zealand on a Budget

Queenstown is filled with beauty, from its landscape of mountain tops, to it’s clear blue lake at the center of it’s core. This dreamy place will have your heart melt not only for its views known to be in various movies like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Xmen’s Wolverine, but for its food and nightlife as well. As your plane is flying through the mountains, or your bus is winding down through valleys, you’ll realize the naturral beauty that is New Zealand. There is no wonder that Queenstown is one of the top cities to visit in New Zealand!

7 Amazing Roadtrips to do in Australia

Everyone knows a good road trip is worth it, no matter how long it takes! Yea you can fly from city to city, but inbetween are the real hidden gems, kinds you only get by traveling off the beaten path. Doing a road trip around Australia has shown me and my partner incredible things, from new cultures, art, wildlife, and landscapes that were total eyecandy. There’s various amounts of wildlife throughout Australia that you can see during your tour on the road! From camels to the the rarest and most ancient bird in the world, Cassowaries. You can cover side roads, that lead to hidden lakes, waterfalls, farms, and beaches, so you have Australia at the palm of your hand when you’re at the wheel.

7 Tips on Camping in the Australian Outback

Some people in my family were wondering if I would be scared to go across Australia. The truth is yes, going through the Australian outback gives me literal nightmares. The dark roads for hundreds of miles, walking with dehydration, heatstroke’s, snakes, spiders, scorpions, you name it. What would we do if one of us got bitten by a snake and there isn’t a hospital in sight for miles?

7 Tips for Camping in Tasmania

Ah Tasmania, this Australian territory is a plethora of diverse nature and wildlife, from their enormous trees to the Tasmania Devils, jaw-dropping mountains, and the several beautiful beaches. My trip to Tasmania was for 2 weeks, which was just enough time to cover the entire island! We started in Hobart then headed up the eastContinue reading “7 Tips for Camping in Tasmania”