7 Tips for Moving to Toronto

Toronto aka the six, is a thriving Canadian city filled with art, culture, and great food, oh and Drake! My Partner and I decided to move here after living in Australia for the year, and we were surprised by how easy the process was. Whether your Australian, a U.K Citizen, or American and under 35 it’s pretty simple to get an International’s Experience Canada visa. Canada is filled with gorgeous nature to explore and is known for having amazing liveable cities including Toronto! I know it’s not easy to up route your life, but if you have stable savings, it’s definitely worth it to explore a new land and find out what you love.

So here are 7 tips for moving to Toronto, Canada:

1.)Apply through an Organization:

When you do this it can get pricy, however sometimes it’s useful as they help you through the entire application process. I used Interexchange which was about $750.00 Canadian dollars for a 1 year visa! My partner who is English applied himself, and was granted a two year visa.

Side note: If you are looking to apply yourself, make sure to apply for the IEC visa!

On the Ferry to Centre Island

2.)Check out Jobs on Indeed.ca, or Monster.ca.

Do your job searches prior to coming to Toronto, unless you want to travel around first! My partner had applied to be a teacher 2-3 months prior and jobs were already scarce. I work in administration and it took me about a month to find a job.

Gooderham Building

3.)Search for Apartments

Renting in Toronto is known to be CRAZY expensive, so if you are looking for slightly inexpensive parts of the city, North York is a great area. We currently live at Yonge and Finch, it’s a great area with it’s own little city and quick access to the subway. We also loved living on St. Clair Avenue, it’s a cute area and you are very close to downtown but it’s a little more pricy. For apartment searches check out: viewit.ca, padmapper.ca, rentseeker.ca.

St. Clair West Village

4.)Getting Furniture & Supplies

If you are starting a clean slate in Toronto at an unfurnished apartment, it can get pretty expensive! My partner and I came here with essentially nothing, sleeping with just a mattress on the floor. Check out Facebook Marketplace, for second hand furniture, sometimes there is new stuff for sale for half the price. We also liked Structube and Wayfair for our furniture needs, it was pretty cheap, and an easy delivery.

The Distillery District

5.)Getting your SIN

Your Social Insurance Number is super important, and you need to acquire this if you are planning to work in Canada. You can apply online or by mail, which will take up to a few weeks, or for the same day head to Service Ontario to wait in person! You will need proof of Identity & Proof of status, so make sure to have your passport and visa with you, and even a third I.D in case for any issues.

Steam Whistle

6.)Meeting New Friends

Your in a new city and you are itching to get to know people! Check out meetup groups for other travellers, or there are multiple sports programs all year round in Toronto. We did winter soccer with Stadium Sports League and met a few people before the pandemic started!

7.)Getting your OHIP Card

If you are staying in Canada for more then a year then you have an opportunity to get on Ontario’s health insurance! You can apply in person through Service Ontario, see below for the list of requirements, and whats covered by OHIP.


Scarborough Bluffs

For more travel tips, Check out my socials below 🙂 As always thanks for reading!


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